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The FAQ contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please check these FAQ entries before contacting our suport service.

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  • What video formats are supported by TSVideo?

    The video formats supported by TSVideo vary depending on the Flash Player installed on the end user's computer. The most recent Flash Player releases support a very wide spectrum of video formats, among which FLV (video format native to Flash applications; this video format is supported by all recent Flash player versions), mp4, m4a, mov, 3gp, 3g2 (video formats supported only by the most recent versions of Flash player, starting with Flash Player 9 Update 3 (9,0, 115, 0)).

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  • If I move the seek handle in the seek bar towards a position in the video which hasn't been downloaded yet, why does the handle return to the previous position?

    This happens when videos are not distributed from a streaming server, as for example, Flash Media Server; the information about that section of the video hasn't yet been downloaded from the server, which is why the Seek Handle returns to the last valid playhead time.

    On the contrary, if the video is distributed from a streaming server, then the server is in charge of sending to the video player the information necessary to play the video file from the position requested.

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  • May I display the controls in fullscreen mode?

    In the product distribution is present the "TSVideo source" directory with the TSVideo source files.

    You only need to overwrite the file named TSVideo.swf in your website (the TSVideo.swf location is htt:// with the version stored in the distribution.The version of the TSVideo that display the controls bar in fullscreen is located in the product distribution in the path:

    TSVideo source/TSVideo-showing the control bar in fullscreen mode/TSVideo.swf

    You should clear the browser's cache after overwriting the files.

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