Audio and Video Player
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Audio and Video Player - is an audio and video player that allows you to post multimedia files on your website or blog in a simple way while providing compatibility with all major browsers such as IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome and mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android.
HTML5 Audio and Video Player allows to publish multiple video and audio formats and subtitle files.
It is based on MediaElement.js which guarantees support for all browsers that implement the HTML5 standard. For older browsers, it supports Flash and Silverlight. HTML5 Audio and Video Player allows to associate a playlist to your media player and change its looks to match the design of your blog as closely as possible.


If you want test the premium version of Audio and Video Player for WordPress, go to the following links:
Administration area: Click to access the administration area demo
Public page: Click to access the Public Page

Audio and Video Player with
AVP Classic Skin

Audio and Video Player + AVP Classic Skin
  • Allows only one media player in website
  • Doesn't allow the sell of files associated to the media player
  • Doesn't include technical support (60 days of support service can be purchased for us$25)
  • Allows multiple media players in website
  • Allows to sell files associated to the media player
  • Allows to associate a PayPal account to the media player
  • Includes sales reports
  • Includes all future updates and improvements made to this version
  • Includes 60 days of technical support

Preferred payment method:
Pay with Paypal / Credit Cards - After payment you will be redirected to a direct-download page and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

Print preview as audio player:

Print preview as video player:

Product Features

  • Playback of audio files in MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats
  • Playback of video files in MP4, OGG, WebM and WMV formats
  • Allows subtitles in WebSTR format
  • Support playlist
  • Allows a link to associated information for each song
  • Allows to enter a poster for videos
  • Features handy controls to manipulate the medias during playback
  • Allows the sale of files associated to media player
  • Includes sales reports
  • Available as WordPress plugin
  • Numerous skins that may be acquired separately

Skin Features

  • An Audio and video player skin in blue and gray tones
  • Buttons: play/pause, next, previous, fullscreen, subtitles, mute on/off
  • Volume control
  • Seek bar
  • Allows associated information pages
  • Displays the playlist
  • Displays the song's elapsed time
  • Recommended dimensions for audio mode. Width:425px Height: 65px
  • Recommended dimensions for video mode. Width:515px Height: 300px

Demo available with Classic Skin only

Audio and Video Player details

Audio and Video Player Interface

The description of music player interface is based on Classical Skin. Other skins have similar features. Some skins don't have all the options due to size or aesthetic limitations.

Before buying, please make sure that all the features you need are present in the selected skin.
  1. The progress bar. Shows the playback progress. This bar enables us to move quickly to a new position (both forward and backward) in the file's playback, just by clicking on the desired position.
  2. The previous track button enables us to go to the preceding audio file.
  3. The play/pause button.
  4. The next track button. Allows us to go to the next file of playlist.
  5. The fullscreen button. Allows us to set the video in fullscreen mode.
  6. The subtitle button. Allows us to select an subtitle for the video.
  7. Time indicator. Shows the elapsed time since file playback started and video duration.
  8. The mute button sets the volume to on/off.
  9. Equalizer. The equalizer shows in an approximate way how the audio volume behaves during playback.
  10. The playlist. Allow us to select the audio file to playback. The audio being played it is displayed in a different color in the playlist. The plus simbol front item on playlist allows us to go to a webpage with additional video information.
  11. Pay now button.

Insertion process screenshots

Audio and Video Player Requirements

The Audio and Video Player is distributed as a WordPress plugin, so is required to use WordPress as content management system for the website development.

Audio and Video Player Installation

The Audio and Video Player is distributed as a WordPress plugin:

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the entire audio-and-video-player/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
Another way to install the plugin is through the add plugin section in WordPress, you only must to enter the location of the .zip file and WordPress creates the folder structures for you.

To install a new media player skin:

  • Download and unzip the skin file.
  • Upload the skin directory to the "skins" directory inside /wp-content/plugins/audio-and-video-player

Inserting the Audio and Video Player in your website

Audio and Video Player has an extensive set of configuration variables that provides great flexibility to this plugin. Media players are first generated on the Audio and Video Player page. Then they are to be inserted into your blog directly from the Post/Page editing interface. Generating media players in the same environment will facilitate editing of media players and inserting of the same player on different pages of your website or blog.

Creating the Audio and Video players

On the HTML5 Audio and Video Player page, you will see the already generated media players and the button to create a new player. To create a new media player just select the type of player: Audio or Video - and press the button "Create new media player". To edit an existing media player, just select it in the list of existing players and press "Edit media player".

Page of Audio and Video Player on settings

Figure 1. Page of Audio and Video Player on settings. Select the media player to edito or create new one. For sell through "Audio and Video player", it is required complete PayPal settings.

Configure the PayPal account

Enable Paypal Payments?: Enable the PayPal account.

Paypal email: Enter the email associated to the PayPal account.

Currency: Select the currency for selling.

Currency Symbol: Enter the currency symbol.

Paypal language: Select the PayPal interface's language.

Paypal button for instant purchases: Select the PayPal button to use in website.

Download link valid for: Enter the number of days to restrict the download link.

Notification "from" email: Enter the email address to use as "from" attribute in the notification emails.

Send notification to email: Enter the email address to receive the sales notifications.

Email subject confirmation to user: Enter the subject of notification emails sent to the buyers.

Email confirmation to user: Enter the content of notification emails sent to the buyers ( don't remove the text %INFORMATION%, it will be replaced by product's information)

Email subject notification to admin: Enter the subject of notification emails sent to the seller.

Email notification to admin: Enter the content of notification emails sent to the seller ( don't remove the text %INFORMATION%, it will be replaced by product's information)

Create or edit a player

After select a media player to edit or create a new one, a new screen allow you to enter the player's features.

Interface of setup wizard

Configuring an Audio and Video player

Figure 2. Configuring an Audio and Video Player.

Select the skin: the first skin will be selected by default. All the previously purchased skins will be loaded here, as well as the skins available for this product.

Player name: mandatory field that will allow to identify the media player for the insertion process on your website.

Width: Enter the width of the media player. Under the field you will see the values recommended for the selected skin. Every skin has a different recommended value.

Height: Enter the height of the media player. Under the field you will see the values recommended for the selected skin. Every skin has a different recommended value.

Autoplay: Mark the checkbox if you want your media player to initialize in "ON" mode.
Note: Some devices do not support autoplay.

Loop: Allows cyclical playback of the playlist. This feature may be limited on devices that do not support autoplay.

Preload: Allows you to pre-load media files to streamline the playback process. Some mobile devices do not allow file preload.

Show playlist: Displays or hides the playlist.

To create a playlist please press "Create New Item". The data associated with a playlist item are:

Title: mandatory field that will identify the item in the playlist.

Associated link: URL to a web page with information associated to the item.

Poster: URL to an image associated to the item, only available with the video type media player.

Songs / Videos: mandatory field where you enter the URL to the media file. Browsers support different multimedia file formats, therefore it is advisable to enter different formats for the same item, enabling each browser to select the file format that it supports.

Subtitles: Enter the URL to the subtitle file and the subtitle language.

After entering all data item press "Insert / Update item on playlist"

For Sale

Select the file: Select the file for sale.

Enter price: Enter the file's price.

Promotional text: Enter a promotional text.

Inserting the Audio and Video Player on your post

To insert the media player in your website go to the editing of posts / pages and click the icon for HTML5 Audio and Video Player in the web editor. This will load a window where you will be able to select your media player. After inserting the media player save the changes on the website.

Insert Audio and Video Player on your post

Figure 3. Insert Audio and Video Player.

The sales report

For checking the sales reports, press the menu option "Sales Report" and select the interval of time for checking. The sales report displays the list of sales in the selected interval and the total amount distributed by currencies.

Formats of Media files supported by Audio and Video Player

The audio files supported by the music player are: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV.

And the video files are: MP4, OGG, WebM and WMV. Audio and Video Player allow to display subtitles in WebSTR format.

How to create the playlist

The playlist is a simple list <UL> but with special values on <LI> tags.

A demo of an usual playlist is below

<ul id="playerid-list" style="width:640px;">
    <li value='{"poster":"media/poster.jpg", "source":[{"src":"media/video.mp4", "type" : "audio/mp4"}, {"src":"media/video.ogg", "type" : "audio/ogg"}], "track" : [{"kind" : "subtitles", "src" : "media/", "srclang" : "en"},{"kind" : "subtitles", "src" : "media/", "srclang" : "sp"}]}'>
        Playlist Item

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  • How I know about the new skins for media player?

    The skins list is loaded from our website, so you always have access to the actualized skins list.

    Go to the questions list
  • Why is possible to enter more than one media files for each item?

    The browsers support different formats of audio and video, so it is recommended to enter all disposable files format for each item, then the browser selects the corresponding format.

    Go to the questions list
  • I have multiple subtitle files for different languages. Is possible to use all of them?

    Yes of course, press the "Add another one" button and enter the data related to the new subtitles.

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